New Apple iPhone 15 Can Get You In Touch With AAA Even If You Don’t Have Cell Service

Apple released the latest versions of its popular smartphone, the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max today, and with them has expanded its offerings for roadside assistance. Partnering with AAA, it will now enable drivers to get help even in the most remote parts of America.

Available to users of both the iPhone 15 and 14, the service allows owners to access AAA Roadside Assistance via satellite. With that, help can now be offered to people experiencing car trouble in areas that they would not previously have been able to access it.

“Safety is at the core of who AAA is as an organization, and we’re taking that commitment to the next level by offering AAA services to iPhone users who would have previously been unreachable,” said Marshall Doney, president and CEO, AAA. “Now, thanks to iPhone’s satellite capabilities, iPhone users with Roadside Assistance via satellite can get help when they need it most but can’t reach us via traditional connections.”

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Apple says it partnered with AAA because it’s America’s largest roadside assistance provider. The service allows users to pick from a selection of non-emergency services that the organization can help with, such as being locked out of their car, being out of fuel, having a flat tire, or simply being stuck.

AAA notes that its trucks need a road to help members out, and cannot offer assistance to off-roaders who need to be extracted from a trail. However, for iPhone users who are far down the unbeaten path, but not off it, the new service can help lead them to an area where they will get satellite reception.

“We know firsthand how stressful it is to be stranded with a breakdown, especially if you find yourself in a remote location or without cell service. Your options are limited – walk to a service point or area with cellular connectivity or Wi-Fi, which can be miles away, or attempt to flag another motorist down.” continued Doney. “Apple’s satellite infrastructure is an innovative solution that is already providing critical emergency support to iPhone users.”

The new feature is available to all iPhone 15 and 14 owners, not just AAA members. Anyone who doesn’t have a membership will have to pay for whatever services they use, though.

The new roadside assistance feature builds on the Crash Detection and Emergency SOS services that were previously announced by Apple. These are available on three continents and 14 countries and are expanding to Spain and Switzerland later this month.

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