Mysterious Yellow Line On Florida Highway Causes Driver Assistance Systems To Freak Out

Lane markings play an important role in keeping drivers safe, so it’s no wonder that Floridians were flummoxed by a random 20 mile (32 km) yellow line that recently appeared on I-95.

According to News4JAX, the painted line appeared on Friday and ran from Jacksonville to St. Augustine. It confused a handful of drivers as the station noted it “crosses lanes several times and changes in width, but … always remains visible.”

While the Florida Department of Transportation said no company had come forward to claim responsibility, News4JAX followed the line all the way to Acme Barricades. The company specializes in traffic control products and services including, unsurprisingly, pavement markings. Given this, it shouldn’t come as a shock that they didn’t want to discuss the issue with the station.

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Interestingly, First Coast News reported that several people reached out saying the yellow line interfered with semi-autonomous and driver assistance systems in their vehicles. The station verified this as they discovered the line caused the lane departure warning system in a 2024 Subaru Crosstrek to go crazy. It reportedly went off seven times and even applied correction once, which is a potential safety issue.

The Florida Department of Transportation was alerted to the issue and a spokesperson told First Coast News that they would use a street sweeper with a wire brush to remove the yellow paint. If everything went according to plan, it should have been successfully removed this morning.

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